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The Falls, 2019

In works created for the Immerse festival in 2019, I devised sculptural forms that playfully mimic the natural form of the waterfall. Sited in the Knox City Council atrium and arts centre, the hanging works highlight the tension between the created world, or culture, and its apparent counterpart - nature.

Here, I'm using digital technology to paint, photo-shop and stylise the motif of the waterfall as a product of our culture and imagination. With the added element of the hand-made fringe, the waterfall becomes an architectural adornment. Hanging from the high ceiling, the works hover above the garden beds as unstable and contradictory human constructions. For me, art-making is an ongoing experimentation within the expanded field of painting. Using highly saturated translucent materials to make light-charged containers I am harnessing colored light and shadows as part of the experience of the work.

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